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Sunday, October 9

4:30 pm – Opening Reception (Top of the Park)
6:00 pm – Dinner (Top of the Park)
7:30 pm – Session 1:  Oligodendrocyte Development and Myelination: Molecular Mechanisms In Health and Disease (Grandview I)
Chair: Pablo Paez, University of Buffalo
  • Leandro Marziali (University of Buffalo) – A Novel Stress-Activated Inhibitor of Myelination
  • Yannick Poitelon (Albany Medical College) – Role of YAP and TAZ in Oligodendrocytes
  • Yungki Park (University of Buffalo) – Regulatory Mechanism Governing Plp1 Expression for Central Nervous System Myelination
  • Pablo Paez (University of Buffalo) – Modulation of Oligodendrocyte Development and Myelination by Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels

Monday, October 10

8:00 am – Breakfast (Top of the Park)
8:45 am – Keynote 1:  Astrocyte Heterogeneity and Nanoarchitecture in the CNS (Grandview I)
Speaker: Keith Murai, McGill University
9:45 am – Break
10:00 am – Session 2: Astrocyte Heterogeneity in Health and Disease (Grandview I)
Co-Chairs: Keith Murai, McGill University; Doug Feinstein, University of Illinois – Chicago
  • Zila Martinez (The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) – Generation of Astrocyte Diversity: Lessons from Transcriptional Regulation of the Glutamate Transporter 1 (GLT1)
  • José Otero (The Ohio State University College of Medicine) – Brainstem Astrocytes and Their Regulation of Autonomic Homeostasis
  • Ryan Gilbert (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) – Biomaterial Approaches to Augment Astrocyte Reactivity
  • Isobel Scarisbrick (Mayo Clinic) – Modulating Astrocyte Metabolism to Promote CNS Regeneration
Noon – Free Time
3:30 pm – Poster Session (Grandview II)
4:30 pm – Session 3: Microglia in Health and Disease (Grandview I)
Chair: Tyler Ulland, University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • Kathryn Lenz (The Ohio State University) – Prenatal Allergic Inflammation, Mast Cell-Microglia Interactions, and Sex-Specific Programming of Motivated Behavior
  • Tyler Ulland (University of Wisconsin – Madison) – Inhibition of the Nlrp3 Inflammasome by 6-Hydroxybutyrate Decreases Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology
  • Sebastian Werneburg (University of Michigan) – Microglia and the Elimination and Recovery of Synapses in Demyelinating Disease
  • Subhash Pandey (University of Illinois – Chicago) – Neuroinflammation Signatures in the Pathophysiology of Alcohol Use Disorder
7:00 pm – Dinner (Top of the Park)
8:30 pm – Poster Session & Refreshments (Grandview II)

Tuesday, October 11

7:30 am – Breakfast (Top of the Park)
8:15 am – Keynote 2: Regulation of Myelin and Conduction Velocity by Action Potentials (Grandview I)
Speaker: R. Douglas Fields, NICHD
9:15 am – Break
9:30 am – Session 4: Contribution of Glia-Associated Mechanisms to Pathological Endophenotypes of Complex Behaviors (Grandview I)
Chair: Sinead O’Donovan, The University of Toledo
  • Sarah Elzinga (University of Michigan) – Metabolism and Obesity Effects on Microglia
  • Marissa Smail (The University of Toledo) – Animal Model Characterizing the Consequences of Microglial Loss
  • Sinead O’Donovan (The University of Toledo) – Effects of Psychotropic Medications on Astrocytes Using a Bioinformatics Approach
  • Hayley McLoughlin (University of Michigan) – Non-neuronal Contributions to Neurodegeneration: A Role for Oligodendrocytes in Spinocerebellar Ataxia
11:30 am – Lunch break out (Grandview I)
12:00 pm – Session 5: Glial Responses to Disease and Therapy in Demyelinating Conditions (Grandview I)
Chair: Ernesto Bongarzone, University Illinois – Chicago
  • Sarah Lutz (University Illinois – Chicago) – Glial Response to Respiratory SARS-CoV-2 Infection is Modified by Age
  • Stephen Crocker (University of Connecticut) – Impact of Cellular Aging on Glial Responses and CNS Remyelination
  • Anne Boullerne (University Illinois – Chicago) – Rediscovery of Pio del Rio Hortega Myelinic Channel System using Fluorescent Markers
  • Ernesto Bongarzone (University Illinois – Chicago) – Adult-Onset Focal Demyelination after Neonatal AAV-Gene Therapy in Leukodystrophies
2:00 pm – End of Meeting