Poster Submissions

The poster sessions have proven to be a very successful venue at the Great Lakes Glia meeting. These sessions provide a unique opportunity for students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty to meet and discuss their  research  at  length  with  senior  scientists,  many  of  whom  serve  on  study  sections.  You  can  use  posters from previous meetings, or you can get your Society for Neuroscience poster whipped into shape early.

Abstracts  will  be  published  and  distributed  along  with  the  final  schedule  at  the  time  of  the  meeting.  Abstracts will be incorporated into the website. Everyone (faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and staff) is invited to submit an abstract. The deadline for abstract submission is September 15. This will give us time to collate and send off to the printers.

CLICK HERE for details on preparing your abstract and poster.

Dr.  Robert  Skoff  of  Wayne  State  University  will  be  in  charge  of  posters.  Please  submit  your  poster  abstracts to:
– Denise Bessert (
– Bob Skoff (, AND

We will again provide awards for “best posters” – one for graduate students and another for postgraduate fellows with prizes. If you win, we encourage you to include the recognition on your curriculum vita.

We encourage you to hang your poster up on Sunday afternoon, if you wish, and to leave it on display through Tuesday morning

CLICK HERE for the Great Lakes Glia 2022 Program book.

CONFERENCE UPDATE – Our 2022 Poster Awardees


Postdoctoral Researcher – Dr. Jacques Gonzales (Michigan State University)
Early life adversity feminizes the molecular architecture of enteric glia

Graduate Researcher – Elizabeth Dustin (Virginia Commonwealth University)
The Role of Sulfatide in Oligodendrocytes

Graduate Researcher – Ilana Deyneko (Albert Einstein College of Medicine)
ANKS1B encoded AIDA-1 regulates oligodendrocyte function and myelination through interaction with Rac1 GTPase