Great Lakes Glia 2022 returns to downtown Traverse City at the Park Place Hotel & Conference Center.  Please make your reservations as soon as possible, as the hotel gets booked quickly by “leaf peepers” at this time of year in the Fall.

Book BEFORE September 1st.  After that date, Bob says, “You will have to pay big bucks to register for the hotel.” All rooms in our group that remain unreserved after Sep 1 will be returned to general booking ($250-400/night). So BOOK EARLY!

We have a limited number of rooms reserved for our meeting at $134.95/night. If you check their website, the regular rate for the weekend of the meeting is much higher.

Registration for lodging should be made directly to the Park Place Hotel & Conference Center (231-946-5000)

Conference code: Ask for GLIA22.

Rate: $134.95/night + 6% sales tax + 5% local assessment fee (single/double occupancy)

Park Place Hotel & Conference Center offers more than just first-class accommodations. Its views of Traverse City and Grand Traverse Bay cannot be beaten. And you don’t have to travel far to experience nationally-renowned restaurants and entertainment.”